Alan M. Immerman

Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
ACS President and
Executive Director
(Since 1991)
Retired 2015

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Advance the Interests of Arizona Chiropractors

The Arizona Chiropractic Society (ACS) is a non-profit state association for Arizona chiropractors founded in 1991. ACS works to enforce the critically important chiropractic insurance equality laws, to strengthen and protect chiropractic, to represent the profession in the Arizona Legislature, to make needed changes in health insurance law and personal injury laws and litigation, provide information regarding claims denials, IMEs, low speed impacts, and biomechanical issues, advise doctors who have had Chiropractic Board complaints and provide personal advice to chiropractors. Read what other Arizona chiropractors have written about ACS here.



The chiropractic profession has one message for you this year:

"Chiropractors are part of the solution and we have the evidence to prove it." Just click here to see how we can help solve rising health care costs in Arizona with our low technology, natural health care approach.  


Dr. Alan M. Immerman  now supplies expert reports to rebut defense low speed impact experts from Biodynamic Research Corporation (BRC) of San Antonio, TX along with local Arizona defense experts such as Joseph Peles, PhD and Robert Anderson. Click here for more information. 


Since 1991, ACS and its President Alan M. Immerman, D.C. have enacted four insurance equality laws, fostered an atmosphere of "live and let live" in the chiropractic community, reigned in excesses by the Chiropractic Board, passed a vastly improved health care lien law, worked with the State of Arizona Department of Insurance to enforce existing laws, and more....

These Vendors and Professionals Fund the Chiropractic Agenda -- Support Them!

Custom X-Ray Digital

CUSTOM X-RAY DIGITAL EQUIPMENT SALES & SERVICE: Dedicated to the Arizona Chiropractor. Offering X-Ray and Digital X-ray solutions since 1968. Affordable leasing programs, pre-planning services, lead shielding quotations. Processors, film, chiropractic tables, service/repairs/digital service/support/service and support. Call Shawna @ 602-439-3100 or

PINCUS & ASSOCIATES, PC AND PINCUS & LESPRON, PC – ARE YOU TIRED OF REDUCING YOUR BILL? With offices in Tempe and Tucson, there is no longer any reason for you to routinely reduce your bill on accident cases. Call Shawn J. Dow, Esq. at 480.777.2599, or Michelle Lespron, Esq. at 520.888.2599 to learn how it is to work with attorneys who understand how to beat the insurance companies at their own game. Click here for the firm's webpage.

X-RAY EQUIPMENT * NEW * REFURBISHED: WE CATER TO CHIROPRACTORS!! STANDARD X-RAY -- OWNED BY A DC FAMILY! High Frequency X-ray Systems, Digital X-ray Systems * Digital Cassettes, 300 MA Systems * Automatic Processors, Chiropractic Tables * New * Refurbished, Statewide Sales and Service. Call Lisa Dionisio at 602-275-3344 or go to

CANCER TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA: offers whole-person, integrated cancer care by combining state of the art technology and conventional treatment with nutrition, naturopathic medicine,  massage, acupuncture, pain management and chiropractic care. Call 800-234-9113 or go to CTCA - Cancer Hospitals & Cancer Treatment

CHIROFUTURES MALPRACTICE PROGRAM: Securing the future, managing your risk. Comprehensive coverage and competitive rates. Best value in the market. Contact: or 800.219.9090. Key administrator is Dr. Matt McCoy, a name long associated in chiropractic with integrity and intelligence. 

ECLIPSE PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Auditors say it “sets a new bar” for documentation. And it’s topped independent polls for decades. ONC-ATCB Certified.

Call: 800.966.1462. 

BOARD COMPLAINT? I CAN HELP: Mandi J. Karvis, Esq. of Sanders & Parks, P.C. I regularly appear before the Board and am familiar with their expectations.
Call 602-532-5816.  


CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO PLACE AN AD in this section and in the ACS monthly highly informative and popular newsletter read by all 1,700 Arizona chiropractors.


MOST READ: ACS releases all new May 2015 eNewsletter with key stories Dr. Immerman to retire, ACS to cease operations; Personal Injury Case Management Seminar; Important Reports, Articles, Books and Links; Breaking News and much more. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

MOST READ: ACS releases all new April 2015 eNewsletter with key stories ACS bills stall in State House of Representatives, Grievance Letters – The best way to get insurers to pay, all about the Health Care Appeals Process, how to file a complaint against an insurance company, details about the upcoming seminar Personal Injury Case Management, and much more. Read these stories and much more by clicking here.

MOST READ: January 2015 ACS eNewsletter with stories about ACS lobbyist continues fierce pace at Legislature, how you can qualify as an expert in clinical biomechanics, the time to join ACS is now, ACS Find-a-Doc search engine is working, and the complete ACS personal injury package. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

MOST READ: ACS releases all new November, 2014 eNewsletter with key stories about ACS lobbyist storming the Arizona Legislature, one doctor’s consequences for routinely waiving copays and deductibles, status of pending lawsuits, can Delta V predict injury likelihood or severity, Board action alert, and key breaking news stories. Click here to read the entire all new newsletter.

MOST READ: ACS releases all new October, 2014 eNewsletter with key stories about ACS’s successful mission to reform the Chiropractic Board over the past ten years, status of pending  lawsuits, upcoming seminar Personal Injury Case Management, the time to join ACS is now, and details about the ACS Functional Medicine, Natural Hygiene and Fasting Center online. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

MOST READ: ACS releases all new August 2014 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about how legislation and litigation will be the key to progress, ACS preparations for the 2015 Legislation Session, news about pending lawsuits, consequences of failure to properly fill out CA paperwork, and management of whiplash disorders. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

MOST READ: Dr. Dan Murphy reviews new clinical guideline "Management of Whiplash Disorders." Click here to read his review and learn how to buy a copy of the guideline.

MOST READ: How to Use the Health Care Appeals, Grievance and Timely Payment Laws to Get Paid. ACS has made key Member Benefit documents public so entire profession can use powerful key tools to get paid. Click here for complete information. Much more information like this available to members. Join today online!

MOST READ: ACS releases Low Speed Impact Defense Package including a letter to send to a claims adjuster who has raised low speed impact arguments, telling you to limit treatment because property damage was minor. The package is posted on the Member Benefits page, #35.1 to 35.6.

MOST READ: ACS publishes Complete Directory to Personal Injury Resources, superior to many hours of seminars and hundreds of dollars of expense. Based on Dr. Immerman's 73 trials and 50 depositions in the past 15 years with overall 700 case reviews. 

MOST READ:  11.3 – Letter to fight refund demands. If you receive a refund demand, contact ACS. 34.1 -- Who Can an ARS 33-931 Lien Be Enforced Against, by PI attorney Steve Pincus.  Also: New PI/health insurance lien forms for health insurers that refuse to honor assignments of benefits. New liens grant more rights than county liens plus work in UM/UIM cases. Also, all new ASH Claims Denial Center with key analysis at 11.5.

MOST READ: Watch live testimony from the Legislature as Dr. Immerman argues that chiropractic should be included in health insurance. Click here to see 2013 video. Begin at the one hour, ten minute mark. Click here to see earler video. Begin at the 50:30 minute mark.

Click here to join ACS or donate online with our live secure server. For a detailed description of each of the 60 valuable member benefits, click here.

Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
President and Executive Director

Lobbyist: Debra Brimhall Pearson

Renee Giovando,
Administrative Assistant

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Names and contact information for all eleven Arizona chiropractors who are members of the ACS Board of Directors are available to ACS members by clicking here.

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